Societas Docta National, Incorporated

This organization acknowledges and enhances the relationship among distinguished women, recognizes the achievements of women who may have been by-passed because of their gender, race or ethnicity; shares and supports research efforts and findings; and provides an international network for African American women.

Patty Ball Thomas, PhD.

National President

Florida A&M


Gwendolyn Squires, PhD.

  National Vice President

University of Missouri  Kansas City


Goals of Societas Docta National, Incorporated

The goal of Societas Docta National, Incorporated is to encourage African American women to pursue advanced degrees in various disciplines, especially those fields where there is a keen shortage of advanced degree holders. We work to mentor African American women enrolled in doctoral programs, providing them with physical, emotional, and spiritual support, as well as scholarship assistance.

Our Mission

Societas Docta National, Incorporated was founded in Atlanta, Georgia to inspire and support African American women to achieve education and professional excellence. Our members are committed to networking and mentoring with individuals, groups, and organizations to enhance and improve the quality of education for minorities & especially women of African descent to encourage them to pursue and obtain doctorate degrees in various professions. All members of Societas Docta National, Incorporated hold doctorate degrees.

Our History

Societas Docta National, Incorporated was initiated in early 1987 when Dr. Abigail Jordan and Dr. Ada Burnette saw the need for an organization of African American women with terminal degrees to motivate others to obtain theirs.