National President


Dr. Everlyn Williams
National President

Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Website of Societas Docta, Incorporated National.  This organization’s website is designed to provide the reader with information about its purposes, history, structure and other resources used to promote and celebrate the educational attainment of its members.

Societas Docta, Incorporated National is an organization formed in Atlanta, Georgia on October 28, 1988.  The purpose of Societas Docta, Incorporated is to mentor, motivate and inspire African American Women to earn a doctoral or professional degree from an accredited institution; to provide a forum for networking, career development, scholarly research and scholarships designed to encourage continued research in higher education.  Additionally, the organization uses the experiences and talents of its members to support mentoring efforts, promote encouragement and assistance to African American women pursuing a doctoral degree.

This website exists as an endeavor to increase awareness of Societas Docta, Incorporated and share the accomplishments made by the membership.  As we continue to” Rebuild. Renew and Revise,” you will see improvements in the construction of programs and activities.

Finally, we realize that the tasks and challenges are tremendous, but with the support of this strong membership, I am confident that Societas Docta, Incorporated National is up for the challenge.