Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti
(ca. 1370 BC – ca. 1330 BC)

Nefertiti Awards & Scholarship Luncheon

The annual Nefertiti Awards & Scholarship Luncheon is held to honor sisterhood by recognizing Women of Distinction for their contributions and for exhibiting the true characteristics of Queen Nefertiti. Representing various areas, honorees share a common thread. They adorn a trait beholden to true community movers and shakers. Their shared denominator is the attribute of “strength.”

Ladies honored enthusiastically embrace and promote the significance of Women’s History Month by recognizing the gallant accomplishments demonstrated by women in this community. It is an opportunity to affirm with the community one of the main goals of our organization by recognizing women of service and to mentor others, to work strategically to accomplish professional and community goals of merit and great worth.

The highlight of the luncheon is the presentation of scholarships which are given to mentees who meet various criteria. The monies are used towards tuition and other educational expenses as they continue their coursework towards a doctoral degree