Greater Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas Societas Docta National, Incorporated

Nefertiti Scholarship

The importance of education in the battle for social change and advancement has been emphasized by many groups across America. However, the Greater Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas chapter of Societas Docta National, Incorporated – targets a very specific constituency with its message of enhanced self-esteem and improved status through knowledge. Societas Docta National, Incorporated mentors’ African American women, providing them verbal support and personal example as well as scholarship assistance. Its goal is to encourage more African American women to pursue doctoral degrees in various disciplines, especially those fields where there’s a keen shortage of black advanced degree holders. Every member is either a medical doctor or holder of a doctorate or corresponding law or business degree.

Criteria for Scholarships:

• Mentee is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at an approved university.
• Note or email from supervising advisor attesting that the mentee is making continuous, satisfactory progress toward the completion of her terminal degree.
• Copy of most recent official transcripts.
• Current fee receipt.
• Letter or email from department head or professor.
• Mentee has had contact with her Societas Docta mentor within the last six (6) months.
• Mentee has been involved with the Societas Docta mentor within the last 12 months; having attended at least three mentee activities and attended at least one Nefertiti. 

Scholarship Recipients